technically tomorrow’s inktober, but whatever i like it today

originally posted the sketch on instagram, then colored it on the comp- here she is, the spectacular Mako Mori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes too good for this earth

rwby chibi!!! so fun and easy to paint, its practically a guilty pleasure!!

ps my rt is holdingstone

i dont have an obession who said i had an obsession

for the most part this is just me trying to make up for the fact that im absolutely terrible at posting regularly…

INKTOBERFEST!!! eyyy, this was yesterday’s picture but whatever!!! i do what i want!!! and i love lapis lazuli!!! yes i know its spelled wrong!!! whatEVER MOM!!!!

one day, ill be moderately good at drawing anything beyond young women staring off to the side

the trio of yangs i drew on newsprint+china marker, then i took pictures

summer ended but its still wayy too hot

RWBY portrait.. its kinda static oops?